Short Term Medical Plans

Temporary plans to get you from point A to point B.

What is a Short Term Medical plan?

Short-term medical insurance provides a temporary solution to help fill gaps in between coverages.  Typically this is used to bridge the gap between employer coverages, in between open enrollment periods, or to grant yourself and your family temporary relief from any downtime in your current plan.

Short term medical coverages are something to consider if you are:

  • In between jobs.
  • Waiting for your new coverage to begin.
  • Awaiting Medicare eligibility.
  • Anytime you are without health insurance outside of the open enrollment period.
  • Healthy and looking for an alternative to Major Medical plans.

Will they cover my pre-existing conditions?

Simple answer, no.  In most cases short term medical plans do not cover preexisting conditions.  The only plans to guarantee coverage for preexisting medical conditions are going to be Major Medical plans.

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