Accident Plans

The most common reason for someone to go to the ER is an injury.  Protect yourself from that scary deductible with a low cost accident plan.

What is an Accident plan?

Accident insurance is a supplemental insurance policy that covers your out-of-pocket costs related to injury or accidents.  Whether it’s a broken bone from a fall, bad burn while cooking, or cut yourself while working in the yard, these plans cover up to their benefit payouts directly to you in most cases.

They work hand in hand with your current medical coverage and are meant to absorb the rising costs that families see with higher deductibles and increasing hospital and doctor fees.

Shop for rates and enroll online.

Skip the talk with an agent and select the plan that works for your needs.  If you need assistance, help is there if you need it.  We have selected a few of our most popular plans for you to consider below.

Allstate Accident Plans

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