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Major Medical

  • Covers pre-existing conditions.
  • Monthly premiums adjusted based on income.
  • ACA compliant coverage with preventive care and comprehensive coverages.
  • Starts on the first of the month.

Short Term Medical

  • A plan for a set period of time to get you through a period of no coverage.
  • More choices for either higher or lower deductibles.
  • Typically a lower cost to insure an individual.


  • Coverage for those who are 65 years of age or older.
  • Certain disabilities may qualify you sooner.
  • Funded by federal tax dollars and strictly mandated plans.

Dental Plans

  • Dental plans ranging from discount plans to comprehensive full coverage options.
  • Take care of your oral hygiene which affects more than just your breath.
  • Access to a large number of dentists who accept these plans.

Vision Plans

  • Yearly exams covered.
  • Comprehensive coverage for glasses or contacts.
  • Large portion of your RX is covered under your benefits, with the ability to upgrade and grant extra discounts.

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices?

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Accident Plans

  • Protect your pocketbook from the most common urgent care visits.
  • Pays you directly to eliminate your high deductible.

Limited Medical Plans

  • No deductibles to meet before benefits are awarded.
  • Pays out a set scheduled amount for each covered benefit.
  • Typically lower cost than full medical plans.

Critical Illness Plans

  • Pays you directly to cover medical costs and those indirect expenses stemming from a major medical condition.
  • Living death benefit that pays you life insurance level benefits while you are still alive to appreciate it. 

Alternatives to Health Insurance

Healthsharing Options

  • Alternative program to traditional health insurance.
  • Member based sharing that can be enrolled year round.
  • Satisfies the requirement for having health coverage to avoid the tax penalty. 

Minimum Essential Coverages

  • A stand alone plan that grants essential coverages like doctors visits.
  • Grants network discounts and reduces your out of pocket costs for all covered services.
  • Use to enhance other coverages that may exclude the benefits you are looking for.

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“Very helpful finding the right insurance plan for my wife and I the past couple years; this includes supplemental plans as well as dental plans. We are both retired so their professional service has been greatly appreciated. They even helped me get dental insurance for my parents. Topnotch professional service. Thank you!!

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